The printed photographs using my Canon printer TS6351a

Gepubliceerd op 22 maart 2023 om 16:20

The main reason I purchased the Canon TS6351a is for photo printing. With my hobby as a crafter, I love using pictures or symbols to create projects with the use of my cutting machine (which is explained on another blog). 


Having this printer, I can already print loads of good quality pictures without the need to go to the store. As a matter of fact, this saves me time and money.


So, I first tested it by printing pictures of my son (who just turned 2 years old).

  • I used the HP Advance Photo Paper 10x15 cm which I bought on amazon. 
  • I placed then the photo paper at the back drawer. Note: Photo papers need to be placed at the back and not on the drawer where normal papers should be.
  • I changed the settings of my printer. Note: You need to change the type of paper (in this case, glossy photo paper) and how would you like it to be printed, color or black and white (in this case, color)
  • I also used the Canon Easy-Photoprint Editor software, to try on different styles and,
  • Voila! With just one click from the software, I got these results which is very satisfying. I am so happy it turned out more than what I expected as a first try. 


Honestly, I was a bit nervous of how the outcome would look like. Gladly, it turned out as perfect as my son. 


As you can see on the outcome, the photo paper is still glossy and shiny. The quality of the picture didn't change at all. 

So if you are looking for an affordable and a good quality photo paper, try these HP Advance Photo Paper 10x15 cm.

It won't dissapoint you. 


This is ideal to give to families or friends or make a nice frame for your home. Buy now. 

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