Mother's day Bookmark DIY/ Moederdag Bladwijzers Doe-het-zelf

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Hey there creators! 


This blog is a continuation of our mother's day edition. I have decide to make something for our dear mothers who love books or magazines. I know there a lot of mothers out there who reads during their free time. I am happy to share these experiences to crafters and viewers. I hope you'll learn some tricks and apply it to your projects as well, may it be with or without the cricut machine. 


First and foremost, this is the end product. 

Here are the steps for DIY bookmark. Read them thoroughly. 


Step 1: Gather the materials.

Basswood: Hileyu Balsahouten platen

Cricut knife blade: Cricut mes met behuizing en lemmet

Strong grip mat: Cricut Explore/Maker StrongGrip Machine Mat (30x30cm)

Bookmark Tassels: Handgemaakte zachte zijden bladwijzers

Cricut Stencil Vinyl: Cricut flexibele sjablonenfolie (1,2 m)

Cricut accessories: Fouvin 8-delig vinyl gereedschap

Masking tape

Paint: Any color and brand


If you're planning to sell them, these materials would finish its look. 

Plastic bags: Transparante plastic zakken (8x25cm)

Plastic film sealer: Yontree Elektrische afdichtmachine

Step 2: Start cutting the wood into bookmark forms. 

Make sure you have the correct size of the bookmark. I used the usual size, 5x15 cm.

Place the wood on the mat and secure four sides with masking tape. 

Before starting the process of cutting, make sure the star wheels are placed on the far right. 

Let the maker or explorer do its thing.

Step 3: Next, make designs for your bookmark. In my case, I made some for mother's day. 

Once your designs are done, start cutting it on your stencil vinyl. 

After that, cut the stencil with a scissor making sure they fit your bookmark. 

Remove the stencil vinyl from its paper and put them on your bookmark. Use the scraper to prevent air bubbles between the wood and the stencil vinyl. 

Step 4: Paint them with your desired paint. In my case, I used black to highlight my design more.

You can use soft paintbrush or spongebrush and paint softly as much as possible. The reason why I said this because it can bleed.

So, just tap it lightly with the brush. 

Step 5: Let it dry.

Don't remove the stencil vinyl yet if it is still wet. I know it can take long but trust me, it will be worth it. You'll have the best result. 

Finish it with a tassel. 

Voila! A perfect gift to a special someone. 

Feel free to leave a reaction at the bottom of the page. If you have questions, contact me via my e-mail.



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