Mother's day coaster / Moederdag onderzetter

Gepubliceerd op 16 april 2023 om 23:15

Hey there. I am happy to be back! It was a while that I created something. 


This is my first time making a coaster (dut: onderzetter) and I've decided to make one for mother's day (dut: moederdag). 


Maybe all of you are wondering how did I come up with this?


First of all I bought these wood.


Hileyu Balsahouten platen

The price is not much and you already have10 pcs basswood (dut: lindehout). 


Once I have the product, I made my design in Cricut Design Space since I have the Cricut Maker 3. In this blog, I will explain some details about Cricut Maker and I have made my promise on the previous blog. So here it is. 


After making my design in the app, I placed the wood in the strong mat grip. I put masking tape on four sides just to be sure that it doesn't come loose. I want to play safe. 


You also need to have the knife blade installed in Clamp B. 


Cricut Mes met behuizing en lemmet

This is needed for basswood or balsawood cutting. You can also use this for cutting leather. 


Make sure to set the correct wood which is basswood 1.6 mm and don't forget to push the white star wheels to the right side so that it doesn't interfere with the wood. 


Normally it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Of course that depends on how many designs you have. The lesser the design, the faster it is done. 


In my case, it took me 1 hour and more. That was actually a lesson. If you want faster result, just make it simple. 


When it was done, I took out some of the sharp edges with a trimmer. 


Once it looked acceptable to me, I started painting them in brown, making sure I don't paint the spaces. That's because I wanted to highlight the word MAMA and the designs, so I just stayed it as it is. 


Once I am done with painting, I sticked those two cutted wood together with wood glue.


Voila! That is the outcome of my mother's day coaster (dut: moederdag onderzetter). 


I hope I inspired you to do the same, be creative!


What are you waiting for? 


Create yours now!


Suprise your mother or grandmother. Handmade gifts are the best. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

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